Dawn L. Wesemann is a graduate of University Of The Arts in Philadelphia.  Her work has been shown in juried exhibits and shows throughout PA and NJ and is a part of many private collections.  She has been a Bucks County resident for over 40 years.

Printmaker: As a printmaker her work is done in various intaglio methods such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, and lithography.  Her relief work consists of monotypes, linoleum cuts, embossing, collagraphs, and woodcuts.  She often does sensitive etchings in simple black and white, yet also uses bold, expressive color in other prints.

Papermaker: Cotton and rag linters along with unique and organic fibers collected by the artist are soaked, cooked, beaten, oftentimes pigmented with color, and then formed into thin sheets to be pressed and dried.  The beauty of hand made paper can hold it’s own as a finished piece, yet she often uses it in collage form or prints on it for extraordinary effect.

Gourd Artist:  Her love of dimensional images and tactile manipulation of materials has lead her into working with gourds.  Gourds respond very much like wood in that they can be cut, sanded, and drilled.  Decorative elements are painted, carved, woven, or wood burned into the surface.  Further embellishment is done with natural elements such as twine, linen, pine needles, willow branches, glass beads, and stones. 

“ Working in the mediums that I do allows me such freedom and hands on interaction.  My work is inspired by the various cultures that have shaped our world through art and craftsmanship.  I admire the past, look to the future, and let nature and my love of organic materials influence my present.  I  work towards portraying the simple and mystical magic that surrounds us every day.”

Dawn L. Wesemann


Dawn Wesemann * 371 Elm Ave. * Churchville, PA 18966 * Phone: 215-354-9545 E-mail: dawn@dawnwesemann.com